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Our AI-driven, all-in-one platform simplifies hiring, managing, and engaging with employees. Trusted by over 4,000 businesses.

Hire 5x faster

Hire remote developers, engineers with less effort and time.

Streamlined Recruitment: On average, companies find their ideal candidates within 5 resume reviews.

Quick Onboarding: Onboard developers in under 3 minutes.

Save Time and Money

Clients save up to 50% on hiring costs.

No hidden fees -> pay-as-you-go and cancel any time.

Save on team costs without sacrificing quality.

Quality Ensured

All Brix developers pass a 5+ hour vetting process and rigorous quality control standards.

Expertise: 2-hour coding exam tests the candidate’s abilities.

Culture Fit: 3-hour technical interview matches you with candidates that fit your company culture.

Data: Access all test results and interview reports at any time.

Flexible Hiring Options

You decide when to hire and how to work with your developer - we’ll handle all the paperwork for you.

Paper-free: Choose and switch between employment methods at your will - we’ll handle all the paperwork for you.

Diverse Employment Options: We offer four types of employment methods: full-time, part-time, contract, and freelance.

Customer testimonials

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“We’re able to stay competitive due to the top-tier talent Brix has connected us to. They provided 70% of our remote team at 40% of our original cost.”

John Burke


“Brix not only provided great talent within 1 week, but supported continuous remote team management through their in-house application. Their ongoing support has been vital to meeting our project deadlines and budget.”

Bryan Li

Founder of Medmonk

“We used Brix to hire our first remote Chinese employee in one month, and then we built a whole engineering team around Joo. This has given us tremendous scale, and we lean on Brix as an extension of our HR team and platform. We believe that this will fundamentally change the trajectory and economics of our company.”


CEO of Anipanion

“With Brix’s help, we’ve finally been able to create a global team with round-the-clock support for our developers. We’ve definitely gained an edge over our competitors with Brix on our side.”


Tech Cofounder at Nyquist Data Inc.