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Working with Brix, Faraday Future saves xx% of available cash, effectively supporting the company's growth‍

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Faraday Future

About the company

Faraday Future (FF) (NASDAQ: FFIE) is a global shared smart mobility ecosystem based in California. Founded in May 2014, the company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with both an R&D center and futurist testing lab, and offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu.

FF is poised to break the boundaries between the Internet, IT, creative and automotive industries by integrating products and services in new energy, artificial intelligence, the Internet and sharing models.

The challenge

  • For a member of the manufacturing industry, the company needs a lot of liquid cash to support the company's future growth. Currently, their US team needs a lot of financial support, so the company is trying to figure out how to solve this problem. They want to replace existing employees with new employees from Western countries with more affordable prices
  • They are currently in urgent need of a project with limited time, but the team is inefficient and not cost-effective

Solutions by Brix

  • Brix quickly found the right people to form a new team
  • Onboarded their overseas team within a week and helped the company manage global payroll.
  • Provided flexible hiring solutions to address their diverse hiring needs.


  • Brix provides flexible employment options and helps them find many contract workers.
  • Since it is difficult for companies to find specialists in a short period of time, Brix helped them onboard in one week.Brix also offers a full range of services for cross-border recruitment, including helping companies take full control of the entire recruitment process, handling compliance, and providing legal assistance