Customer Story

Work with Brix to save over 30% of the cost of researching MVP products and Brix is eager to help resolve any legal compliance issues with employment

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Software Development

About the company

Nyquist Data was found in 2020. Their ready-to-use cloud-based AI solution provides data aggregation, workflow automation and predictive analytics to support strategic decision-making in regulatory, R&D, and commercialization for the life sciences industry.

Nyquist Data’s platform provides industry-validated insights for business, clinical and regulatory intelligence on medical devices approved by regulatory agencies across major markets and over 300,000 clinical trials conducted globally. They offer four geographic modules that cover major markets including the United States, the European Union, Japan, and China.


  • With the help of Brix, Nyquist Data saved at least $100,000 in consulting, compliance and legal.
  • We provided them with the best quality/cost ratio engineering team, and they spent only 70% of their budget to build their MVP phase product. They successfully raised 5M after the product launch.
"With Brix’s help, we’ve finally been able to create a global team with round-the-clock support for our developers. We’ve definitely gained an edge over our competitors with Brix on our side.”


Tech Cofounder

The challenge

A startup with only talented people from an IT background (100% developers), each of them is very capable but lacks an overall idea. However,

  • They do not have a large budget to attract top talent.
  • They temporarily do not have the necessary in-house expertise to properly evaluate candidates to complete their projects. This can lead to hiring teams that are not suitable for the job at hand. This can lead to delays, cost overruns, and substandard results
  • They do not have the time or resources to conduct a complete search.

Solutions by Brix

  • Brix offered an all-in-one HR solution, including headhunting, onboarding a technical leader, organizing the company's structure, and setting up payroll and compliance under Brix's HR team.
  • Brix provided technical support and communication services, and the team built by Brix quickly understood the client's product requirements and completed the project.