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By choosing Brix, Tawa saved 35% of the project cost and completed the project twice as fast.

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Retail Groceries

About the company

Tawa Supermarkets, Inc. Aka 99 Ranch, was founded in 1984 by Mr. Roger H. Chen. In anticipation of the growth of the Asian immigrant community in Los Angeles and the high demand for quality Asian food, Mr. Chen opened the first Tawa Supermarket store in Westminster, California.

Today, Tawa has grown from a single supermarket to a grand and diverse organization and has become the largest Chinese supermarket chain in the U.S. They now provide a wide range of services to the Asian community in California, Nevada, Texas, Maryland, etc in the United States.


With the help of Brix, TAWA built up a team of 1 to 13 people in a short period of time

  • By working with Brix, Tawa ultimately found that it saved over 45% compared to the previously estimated cost of the project. And surprisingly, the project took only 1/3 of the estimated time.

The challenge

  • Tawa's limited experience in digital transformation makes it difficult to acquire experienced e-commerce architects and product managers. Tawa's brand recognition and financial compensation packages are not competitive compared to startups, posing a challenge in recruiting top-tier local engineers.
  • The outsourcing team struggles to promptly address market feedback and meet the product team's demands, causing delays. This led to a debate within the company on whether to continue the project despite the high sunk cost.
  • The internal team at Tawa tends to adopt a more conservative approach, resulting in a corporate atmosphere that may be perceived as rigid and challenging to navigate.

Solutions by Brix

Brix analyzed Tawa's paid capabilities and team requirements and identified that Tawa needs:

  • A highly proficient e-commerce expert to compensate for the lack of experience in this area.
  • Cost-effective and dependable engineers within the limited salary range.
  • Engineers with strong cultural attributes and passion for the e-commerce industry to facilitate seamless integration, as Tawa has not yet established a robust engineering culture.

Brix conducted a comprehensive talent search and identified two distinguished tech leaders out of 200 candidates with a strong inclination for developing disruptive internet products in conventional organizations. Both leaders have over a million user product experiences and held leadership roles in leading e-commerce companies, autonomously spearheading teams of over 100 people.

The two leaders are:

  • A seasoned tech leader with extensive experience in building and leading large teams, capable of assembling an all-star team.
  • An entrepreneurial tech leader with a proven track record of rapidly establishing small teams for agile experimentation and profound understanding of user needs.

To streamline recruitment, a galloping strategy will be adopted. Both leaders will work simultaneously for three months, and their performance will be evaluated to select the most suitable candidate for leading product strategy development.

Brix used its proprietary algorithm to match Tawa's talent requirements and salary range, recruiting a talented group of individuals and determining the optimal city, engineer backgrounds, and data abilities through a similarity recommendation algorithm. Within a month, Brix helped Tawa build a 5-person team aligning with the tech leaders' requirements. The engineers have a minimum of 5 years of experience in e-commerce companies that have catered to over 1 million users, with an average salary of $4000.

To enhance Tawa's talent pipeline, Brix leveraged the newly recruited engineers' employment preferences to automatically source similarly skilled professionals, building a backup talent pool of 50 individuals. This pool can replace and expand the engineering team at any time.

Brix provides a suite of behavioral management tools and distributed offline office services to support engineers during their work. With access to over 200 offices, engineers can transmit data back to the company seamlessly. This allows Tawa to monitor progress in real-time through a visual interface, enabling efficient project management.