Customer Story

By partnering with Brix, Tuuthfairy gain free access to the talent pool and save over 35% in recruiting time and over 23% in project costs.‍

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Health and wellness

About the company

Tuuthfairy makes retrieving patient dental insurance data easier than ever, offering a new kind of dental insurance API.

Alongside traditional EDI-based insurance data, tuuthfairy turns provider insurance portals into accessible APIs to combine with EDI data, maximizing data flexibility, fidelity, and interoperability.

The challenge

Due to the specificity of the pharmaceutical and health industry, our partners need to have a full stack of health SAAS background expertise. However, due to a limited budget, it is difficult to find a suitable and fully relevant candidate at short notice

Solutions by Brix

  • Brix has created an exclusive and custom talent pool for our clients, which includes technical and managerial personnel relevant to our clients' expertise, available at any time and Brix does not charge our clients any fees for the change of personnel.
  • The Brix team provided a rapid solution by assembling 1/2 of the Brix China team and 1/2 of the Brix US team to work 24/7, ultimately completing the task in a time frame that exceeded expectations.


  • With the talent pool established by Brix, Tuuthfairy has saved over 36% of hiring time by having free access to the talent pool- and is very efficient with only three days from selection to onboarding.
  • With the help of the Brix HR team, the candidates all have extensive knowledge of Health SAAS as well as backgrounds. Through their understanding and familiarity with the company's background, Tuuthfairy saved approximately 23% of the project time, not to mention the cost savings from the time savings.