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We own 120+ entities across the world, so you can hire without any effort.

To hire an employee in other countries, you need to set up a local entity. This process takes a long time, costs a lot of money and creates ongoing admin as you navigate local benefits, payroll, taxes and compliance. Your business can also get into some trouble if you don’t comply with local laws.
Brix is here to help. With our employer of record solution, you can hire a whole team without efforts. We have our professional local team to take care of the whole process, including compliance, payroll, taxes, benefits and more. Lower your costs and save your efforts today.

What we offer

We handle your compliance

We take care of everything to ensure you comply with local requirements, including taxes, social security, minimum wage, mandatory benefits, termination requirement, and more.

Navigate the tabs below to learn everything you need to know about hiring an employee out of the States.

Pay and Taxes

Companies are required to pay a minimum wage and individual income tax.

Mandatory Benefits

Mandatory benefits in other countries includes: medical care benefits, unemployment benefits, work-injury and disability benefits, retirement benefits, workers compensation, maternity benefits, and sick leave.


Terminations in other countries can be complex. For example, there is no at-will termination in China for employers outside the probation period, and termination must be done for just cause.

Statutory Time Off & Probation

Full-time employees are entitled to 5 to 15 days of paid time off (PTO) a year, based on the length of employment.

Probation Periods are not mandatory. The minimum probation period is 3 months and the maximum is 6 months.

Protections provided by Brix

Efficient Legal Rights

One service contract, no worries: Don’t get buried in contractual paperwork.

Employment Liability Insurance

Brix candidates sign contracts to ensure watertight protection regardless of location.

IP Protection

Brix will protect all intellectual properties created during our employment terms.

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