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Hire engineers based on Silicon Valley-caliber vetting.
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Save an average of 25% compared to other hiring methods
Silicon valley-standard developers
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Hire a team to help you build and iterate on your product rapidly.
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Save an average of 35% compared to other hiring methods
Technical leaders
Senior developers

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Build a Research and Development team to help you launch your product.
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Save up to 50% and optimize the team productivity
Technical leaders
Senior developers
Junior developers
Research leaders
And more roles upon request
Price Composition

Pricing Transparency

Brix charges you based on these three categories: Engineer Salary, Mandatory Fees, and Platform Fee. All the charges are standardized and retraceable.

Engineer Salary

Salaries are based on seniority and average salary based on developer location.

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees include insurance, 401k, and may include regulatory fees. Regulatory fees vary based on developer's location.

Brix Platform Fee

In addition to mandatory fees, Brix charges a fixed-ratio fee for using our services.
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Full-stack Engineer Price Breakdown Example
Engineer Salary
Gross Monthly Salary
$3500 - $5000
$ 5000 - $6500
$ 8000 +
Mandatory Fees (Estimates are for Full-Time Employees)
$450 +
$450 +
Dependent on Employee Location
Brix Platform Fee
Platform Fee
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Total Cost
Estimated Cost per Month