Customer Story

Working with Brix, Anipanion obtained a strong technical team within 60 days and saved over 40% of the project cost‍.

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Veterinary Services

About the company

Anipanion was founded in 2018 by Tony Cairo and Bobby Reddy, Anipanion is the leading virtual care management platform that connects pet parents and veterinarians through virtual consultations with the goal of making veterinary care more convenient and accessible for all. At the same time, the team strives for healthier and happier pets for all of us!


Brix succeeded in forming a complete team in six days and hired 70% of Anipanion's technical team. Due to the efficiency and excellence of the team, Anipanion saved well over 40% of the cost, while we helped solve the cash shortage vs. project deadline dilemma.

The challenge

  • Anipanion initially relied on an offshore R&D team of around 30 people to develop the MVP. However, during the development of the commercial app, the team lacked experience in releasing commercial software and couldn't meet market demands. Anipanion needed experienced senior engineers with a master's education background and a track record of developing millions of user traffic, but they command a salary of $300,000 as a total package, which is too expensive for a startup.
  • Anipanion is currently facing a challenging situation, as the company has only six months of funding left after the initial delivery failure. If the company fails to deliver the product and secure additional investment within this timeframe, it could face a worst-case scenario.

Solutions by Brix

  • Brix quickly identified a suitable CTO with over a decade of experience who efficiently identified problems and roadblocks and devised a comprehensive plan within two days.
  • Brix assisted in laying off the previous team and hiring a high-quality and low-cost technical team within 60 days.
  • Brix maintained effective communication and helped build a positive relationship with the new team.