Here's how we help you manage teams

Build, manage, monitor, and modify your team with complete control and transparency.

Manage, monitor, and modify seamlessly

The moment your Brix is deployed, you get full control and visibility of your team and mission.

01 Manage your team in one space

Create your own virtual headquarters with one simple click. Create new teams, monitor existing teams, and track your projects with team admins to keep everyone on track.

Our real-time performance tracking system assists you in analyzing each talent's stability, productivity, and workload. Increase team cohesiveness and provide feedback to each talent based on their achievements or inefficiencies with the help of our weekly check-in system.

Quickly scale your team up or down depending on budget or product needs.

Check your team's pulse with our weekly check-ins. We'll send each member a survey to track successes and pain points so you can proactively respond to any inefficiencies.

Secure your work environment and prevent data leaks. We can help you purchase, manage, and distribute secure work laptops. After completing the work, we will clean up the disk and recycle the laptops for you. Combine this security with rigorous IP protection that is locally compliant no matter where you and your developers are.

Signed with over 150 co-working spaces and API connections. Support your virtual team with local offices and a shared database for seamless remote-work experiences.