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From the United States to Japan, explore best practices for hiring international talent and experience how Brix simplifies the process.

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Brix features a network of 120+ partners and entities, offering you the confidence to pursue global hiring, backed by extensive expertise and support available worldwide.

How to hire globally?

Expand your team internationally and manage employee's payroll, compliance, taxes and benefits with Brix's Onboarding Manager.
What is global hiring, and why should my company consider it?
Global hiring means bringing in talent from different countries. It helps businesses expand, find diverse skills, and grow cost-effectively. With global hiring, companies can enter new markets, save on taxes, and build strong teams abroad.
What challenges and opportunities come with globally distributed teams?
Global hiring offers more talent choices and cost savings, but communication challenges may arise. However, with the right tools and management, teams can overcome these hurdles and improve efficiency.
Why should my company choose an Employer of Record (EOR) like Brix for global hiring?
Brix's EOR service helps you managing your remote team’s admin, onboarding, and HR duties, allowing you to:
  • ensure compliance with local laws, simplifying processes.
  • handle payroll and benefits efficiently, saving time and money.
  • avoid local entity setup and visa sponsorship.
  • access global talent to strengthen your team.
  • focus on key tasks while Brix handles paperwork.
  • get expert help with international HR compliance.
  • grow globally with Brix’s professional services, building a strong worldwide team.
How much does Brix's EOR services cost?
Brix offers flexible package services tailored to your hiring needs, including packages for contractors, direct employees, and EOR employees. Costs vary depending on the package and company requirements, ranging from $99.99 to $699/month.
How does Brix's guided hiring process make global hiring even easier for you?
Brix's guided hiring system, driven by AI, empowers companies like you to:
  • create job descriptions with one-click.
  • get compliant benefits advice based on local rules.
  • manage candidate details easily on a self-service platform.
  • reduce legal and tax risks in global hiring.
  • improve hiring with automation and local insights, making it smooth for everyone.
Unlock tools for navigating the distributed future
Discover tools and guidance for recruiting, overseeing, and assisting a worldwide workforce with Brix.

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