Have you ever considered SOCIAL RECRUITING?

Brix goes beyond traditional hiring methods by cultivating a community for international talent. Join our vibrant community to share values, network, and exchange remote work experiences - more than just vetting resumes!

Why talents joined Brix

There are over 10,000 talents in Brix's Global Talent Network. WHY did they all choose to join Brix?

Open Source & Co-creation

We invited talents to build the community together,allowing them to unleash their creativity on topics of their interest.


Brix hosts various workshops for developers, including an English corner for non-native speakers, interview tips, and live-streaming events where participants can ask about anything they're interested in.

Round Tables

For talents eager to share their remote working experiences or discuss specific tech questions, Brix provides the opportunity for engaging round table discussions.


The essence of a hackathon lies in bringing together individuals who, within a specific timeframe, collaborate to pursue their projects freely, without constraints or predefined directions.

People join Brix because they resonate with our core belief

“Connecting employers and employees in a better way.”

We envision a future of work without boundaries, where everyone can find a job aligned with their passion, values, and expectations.

Brix believes that building a team with talents that hold the same value as you can create miracles and reach the future of hiring.

Not just the top 2% talents around the world, but candidates that consent to your values and want to grow with your business.


The most effective developers are those who are genuinely passionate about their work. Ensure that your team members share your values. Brix Global Talent Network assesses the vibe for you.


Remote work should never hinder transparency. We streamline the process, making it easier for employees to showcase their contributions. Brix Performance Manager facilitates clear communication.


Beyond merely reviewing resumes and CVs, Brix AI delves deep to ensure optimal team alignment. Brix AI exceeds expectations, handling everything from sourcing to interviewing.


Hire talent that fits seamlessly with your team. Don't let barriers like visas, payroll, or compliance impede your progress. Brix Onboarding Manager manages everything seamlessly for you.

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Sophia Müller

Backend Developer

“Being transparent is really important when you work remotely, and Brix understands that well. With their Performance Manager tool, I can easily show what I've done and make sure my team sees and appreciates my hard work”.

Li Wei

Mobile App Developer

“Brix's global remote hiring got my attention. I like that they offer tools for remote work. They make it easy to work from anywhere, without worrying about wasting time commuting. I can focus on my best skill - coding.”


Software Developer

"Brix's coding test provided me with the opportunity to showcase my skills effectively. Their emphasis on talent alignment and team synergy convinced me that this is the right platform for me to excel."


Web Developer

"Participating in Brix's hackathon introduced me to lots of remarkable developers from different countries, and leading me to a rewarding career opportunity."

Kevin Nguyen

Software Developer

“I joined Brix because of their community. Being part of it and helping other developers like myself was a rewarding experience.”

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How Brix's Global Talent Network works

With 8 billion people on the planet – how do you quickly narrow down the talent pool to the perfect fit for your team? Brix got your back.

  • 1

    Free Consultation

    Tell them more about your business. What you have been looking for, what you value, and more.

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    Get Matched Within 24 Hours

    Brix AI will match you with pre-vetted developers based on the details and provide you with a few proposals to help assemble your engineering team within 24 hours.

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    Choose the Best Candidates

    Choose and interview your ideal developers to find the best fit for your project. You have full control over team structure and how you want to work with developers.