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Why hire a developer overseas?

With the rapid growth of the IT and computer industry over the past few years, it is not surprising to find more Asian faces in the career market. According to data from Zippia, the most common race among software developers is white, accounting for 52.3% of all software developers. Comparatively, 33.0% are Asian, and 6.9% are Hispanic or Latino. Furthermore, the number of Asian developers is gradually increasing every year. What are the advantages of hiring software developers from Asia?

  1. Cost savings are always the most important aspect. Due to Asia's position in the global market, Asian engineers are a very cost-effective solution for companies. Compared to other Western countries, labor costs in Asian countries, such as China, are still relatively low. However, the cost of living is not low, so many talented engineers prefer to be employed as freelancers, giving them more flexibility and access to more opportunities. Also, since China's transportation and IT industry are very developed compared to other Asian countries, employees can choose to work remotely or not be tied to one place to work. This also gives companies savings in relocation costs.
  2. Also worth mentioning is the issue of education in Asian countries, especially in the Chinese region, where there is a long tradition of respect for education. Learning has always been highly valued and respected. According to statistical data, the number of Chinese undergraduate engineers has increased by 41% to 1.38 million in the last decade. Chinese students are considered diligent, persistent, and deep thinkers, while Western education systems are known for producing independent thinkers and good communicators. Hiring Asian engineers is an opportunity for companies to gain access to a group of well-educated, hard-working people who are good at getting things done on time.
  3. Meanwhile, due to the large population base in the region and the pressure of competition, engineers in Asian countries will improve their competitive edge by learning various competencies and other languages. At the same time, Asian countries have deeper international engagement with the U.S., especially in countries like China and India. An understanding of the U.S. market and a comprehensive range of career skills can help Asian engineers adapt to the U.S. work environment faster and ultimately help the company to promote work more effectively.
  4. Another attractive point is that as the international market becomes more competitive and stressful, the shortage of talented people becomes a problem for many companies. Few companies can scour the globe for talented engineers, even if the company is very well-known locally. In this case, partnering with Brix becomes the best and easiest way to solve this problem.

Many companies may be concerned that they do not understand the risks associated with hiring Asian employees, both in terms of local laws and regulations and the procedures for legally hiring foreign employees. Brix can help with this concern. We have an established HR team, a wealth of global engineers, and a comprehensive global payroll system.

Ready to learn more? By choosing Brix , you choose success.

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